That’s the name of a show ending its limited engagement April 28, so I’m remiss only to be telling you about it now.  But on the off chance you’re in New York and can snag a couple of tickets to one of the final performances, grab them.  It’s just so good.  How far gay men have come since The Boys In The Band.

Of course, it probably helps to have lived through all this.  I’m guessing that most bright humans would find the play funny and powerful, whatever their age or gender identity.  But for someone about to get his first Social Security check?  (Not me, of course, but let’s just say someone who last week got a letter proving that computers are not yet capable of writing fully logical prose.*)  For someone like that, Daniel’s Husband really resonates.

*”Here is how we figured your regular monthly payment:  You are entitled to a monthly benefit of $3,255.90.  Less $428.60 premiums for medical insurance = $2,827.30.  Less .30 because we are required to round down to a whole dollar = $2,750.80.”

Makes sense to me!



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