Paul Abrams: “The British just made Boris Johnson Prime Minister. They have BoJo, we have Bozo, and Putin has them both.”

The American Century ended January 20, 2017, when judo-master Vladimir Putin installed an ignorant fascist sociopath to lead the free world.  We’re fast losing our democracy.  The habitability of the planet is coming into question. (Paris hit 108.7 degrees a few days ago. Anchorage, 90.  The U.S. is heating up.)

Want to save the world?

Even if you don’t have big bucks, could you find a dozen people to sign up for $50-a-month to help fund the early organizing needed to win?

With 15 months to go, that’s $9,000!  Look at you!  You may have just saved mankind!

Let me know if you want to try your hand at this.  I’ll get you set up with a web page so you can see who’s given and can jump through their computer screens to say thanks.  Why do I have to do all the jumping?  It’s exhausting.



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