Donald Trump will not be President of the United States.  Details to follow.

From the CBS Evening News: a six-year-old orphan on a mission to make you smile.

Too schmaltzy?

Here’s something more practical, if you ever leave the country (as so many claim they would if he were):

Using your phone when you travel is a nightmare — or has been, up til now.  Even if you remember to buy the extra international packages in advance of your trip, you very quickly find yourself exceeding the data pack age you bought, and constantly have to re-set your roaming options because they turn themselves back on whenever the phone restarts . . . and you get these crazy bills and want to kill yourself until you realize how much your loved ones would miss you and that, after all, we have hot water.  But still have to pay the bill.

Well, AT&T still does it that way, but Verizon now has TravelPass!

It is so great: for just $2 a day in Canada or Mexico and $10 a day in 65 other countries — and only on days you actually use it — you are charged for service exactly as if you were still home in the U.S.

It is so much simpler, so much cheaper, so much less a rip-off.  Thank you, Verizon.  (The only simpler thing would be if they added it to everyone’s plan automatically.  But there are limits to corporate kindness.  So you do have to sign up for it, one time. Until then, or if you have AT&T, the crazy expensive nightmare still applies.)



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