Have you been paying monthly for stuff you just never get around to canceling?  Or forgot you even were still paying for?

I wasted nearly $500 on e-fax alone this way.

Enter TrueBill, as described  here and here.   (Thanks, Brian!)

Find your provider below and TrueBill does the rest.  Free.

No, Norton Antivirus is not on the list — some things are just impossible.

But look!  There’s Time Warner!  Imagine the time you’ll save not having to “listen carefully as the options have changed” and then waiting on music hold for the next available representative.  (“We are [as always] experiencing unusually high call volume.”)

Even if you’re not ready to give TrueBill read-only access to your financial statements, these links could be helpful, as in many cases they tell you how to cancel “manually.”




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