RECAF:  This could be fun, especially for those who bought before it tripled (and then sold some to be playing from now on with house money).  It links to a report suggesting our shares could be worth $60 ($72 Canadian).

BOREF:  The work toward FAA certification continues.  Completed: a ground vibration test, a static stiffness test.  Ongoing: drop, shimmy, and steering tests.

I know not what any of this means, but I read “shimmy” and, well . . .

SHIMMY SHIMMY KO KO BOP By Little Anthony and the Imperials!



Bob: “Re yesterday’s post, Samoa, Belarus, Russia . . . prior to the pandemic I would have only be able to identify one of those three on a map. During the pandemic I stumbled upon, an online geography quiz site, and spent two or three minutes each day quizzing myself on the world’s countries.  It’s incredible how in just a few days, using their online quiz, you can learn the locations of almost every country in the world.  Lichtenstein vs. Luxembourg?  Latvia or Lithuania?  Mauritania vs. Mauritius?  No problem.  (Note:  Your August 10, 2000 column was titled: “The First Embarrassment is Having to Find Mauritania.”  I recall being embarrassed and looking it up.)  I highly recommend the site (also available as an app) to everyone, especially school-aged children.  In addition to countries, you can do states, capitals, world leaders, flags, etc.  With just a few minutes a day of study they would definitely be contenders in their school’s geography bee.”



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