PRKR.  Do you read the Waco Tribune?  What I like about this headline — Waco jury: Intel must pay $2 billion for patent infringement — is that the case was decided before the same judge overseeing ParkerVision’s case against Intel.  And the award was pretty close to what the plaintiff was suing for.  Could that happen for us as well?  If you’ve not yet bought a few shares with money you can truly afford to lose, I refer you back to last month’s pitch laying out the reasons I think it’s a good gamble.  (In the interim, the trial date has slipped from May 3 to July 6.)  [Now slipped further still.  See 3/29/21 post.]

ANIX.  Their breast cancer vaccine, under development with the Cleveland Clinic, will either prove effective or not.  If not — a definite possibility — our $4 or $5 may be lost.  But if it does prove effective — not to mention other irons in their fire, like this one — we could see a 20-fold jump in the stock price.

RECAF is drilling for oil in Africa.  We desperately need to wean the world off fossil fuels.  In the meantime, we need oil, and this company — with drilling rights on an area the size of Switzerland — seems to hold great promise.  I’ve bought shares at prices ranging from $1.50 to $2.44.  I don’t worry that my owning shares will cause climate change. I do dream of allocating a big score to trying to combat it.  (For starters: electing people who “believe in” the climate crisis.)

You know who swings for fences?  Elon Musk.  His latest?  A little artificial intelligence of our own.

I’m gonna be so smart!



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