I know you come here mainly to learn how to cook like a guy or write a condolence letter (stay tuned), but every so often I have to let a little finance or politics creep in.


These have worked out well. (Thanks Guru.) DEPO, suggested 15 months ago at $4.50 and $3.02, yesterday closed at $8.34. Sell. NPSP, suggested at $6.65 two months ago, closed at $9.63. Guru thinks it could be in the $12 to $15 range a year from now. Hold. (Presuming, that is, that you bought it only with money you could truly afford to lose.)


Gloria: “Thank you for the link to T.R. Reid’s lecture. He also has a Frontline documentary called ‘Sick Around the World.’ He visits the UK, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, and Switzerland, and analyzes their very different health care systems. This is a great eye-opener to those who say the US cannot do better.”


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