Charles got a wonderful send-off. His brother David, a Catholic priest, officiated. Hundreds of wonderful people came.

Russell Bell: “As a person totally ignorant of fashion (as one look announces), I knew about Charles only from your web columns. I was surprised to see his obituary in Wednesday’s Albuquerque Journal: it’s a small paper that covers the deaths of the famous and some locals – he doesn’t seem to be from New Mexico, so I guess he’s famous. I read it and found no mention of you, in line with their usual politics.”

One blog posted the interview I did with Charles a few years back.

Another reviewed the funeral.


Mark Klein: “But Andy, I sold two weeks ago when you told us to – at $5.75.”

☞ Oops. My selective memory. Good point.

Technically, it was not I who said sell, it was Guru (here); and he followed up the next day with a somewhat more bullish assessment here. But where Guru frequently goes in and out of positions, turning on a dime, it’s not realistic (or a good idea) for us to do that. So you’re quite right that it’s only your gain up to $5.75 that I have any right to crow about. (And after I said “sell” at $8.34 Wednesday, it’s risen another buck and a half.)


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