The best way to save on auto insurance is not to own a car.  With Uber and Lyft, Car2Go and others, that just might be you.

But if you do have a car, there really does seem to be a war on for your business, so shop around and see if you can get a better deal.  Here’s the latest site I’ve seen — Provide-Savings — and here’s a review of that site that lists a couple of its competitors.  Suggestion: use a secondary email address with any sites like these, so as not to get your primary address flooded with offers and spam thereafter.

A really good way to have saved on auto insurance would have been “Pay At The Pump No-Fault,” but that’s kind of ancient history by now.  Yours for a penny, here.

Once most cars are self-driving, and accidents rare as unicorns, the whole industry could disappear: the manufacturer (be it GM or Toyota or Google) would repair or replace your car automatically, as the accident was its fault; theft could be rendered more or less impossible (unauthorized drivers could be quickly driven to a nearby police-station even if they had intended to go somewhere else); and liability?  That again would fall to the manufacturer.



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