My doctor prescribed 7 tabs of a generic drug that Walgreen’s was set to fill for $161.92, considerably less than the $460 list price, Walgreen’s website let me know, because I have insurance.

But then I signed up for Mark Cuban’s CostPlusDrugs, and instead of those 7 tabs, which I canceled, I got ninety of them for $22, delivered.  Which works out to 25 cents each versus $23.  Without having to go wait in line to pick them up.

Check it out.

Here he explains how it works.

I was already a Cuban fan (see fifth paragraph), but am now even more indebted.


Texas Court Grants ParkerVision Motion to Add Willfulness to Intel Complaint.

If the jury in the Waco, Texas, trial that is slated to begin December 5th finds in PRKR’s favor, and the judge believes Intel’s infringement was willful, the law would allow him to as much as treble the damages.  Not that I’m expecting this, but it’s fun to dream.

Unlike the Florida judge in the Qualcomm case — who wrote that he doesn’t believe patent cases should be tried before juries and threw out PRKR’s case on grounds many think will be overturned on appeal — Judge Albright has shown himself over the years to believe patents need to be enforceable.

Fingers tightly crossed.

False Alarm

Several people have sent me news that a million Democrats have switched their registrations to Republican.  It turns out, Republicans are turning blue in roughly equal numbers, so it’s basically a wash.

“The Associated Press,” tweets Norm Ornstein, “needs to issue an apology and a retraction. Odds that will happen are very small.”

Yes, we’re in the fight of our lives to save democracy — please help NOW, while the organizing snowball has time to grow huge — but the odds are not as long as some think.  The Republican promise of gridlock, and allegiance to Trump, may not in the end carry the day.

Coming soon: Inflation and Phone Lint.

Have a great weekend.



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