But first:

Did you see President Biden Friday on the economy and Roe?

He’s right and he’s strong, and if we all do our bit, we’ll hold the House and expand our Senate “lead” so we can get things that cry out to be done — and that most Americans favor — done.

Don’t believe for a minute that we can’t.  We absolutely can.  Just as, improbably, we won the two Georgia Senate races in 2022.  We had to win them — and we did.

And now:


Today’s inflation sits atop the tremendous rise in energy prices — a component imbedded in everything we buy.

It’s not our fiscal or monetary policies that caused the huge spike in world energy prices — it’s Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Likewise, not our fiscal or monetary policies that caused the spike in world grain prices — it’s Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Nor our fiscal or monetary policies that caused supply-chain disruptions — it’s mainly Covid shutdowns in Asia.

We have to push back on the notion that what Biden and Democrats did to keep the economy from collapsing– it’s easy to forget what Biden inherited! — caused the rise in prices around the world.

Before Putin invaded Ukraine, inflation was not a big problem.  And then suddenly it was.

We have to push back on the notion that if only Biden and Democrats were more gung-ho about increasing coal and oil and gas production (climate be damned), enough additional supply would have quickly materialized (these things take years) to meaningfully affect world energy prices.

It can certainly be argued that the Fed was too easy for too long . . . that the Fed needs to take strong measures to keep inflationary psychology from feeding on itself . . . that there are structural things we need to do for the long-term to increase productivity . . . that they should be paid for in no small part by taxing billionaires at the same rates as dentists.

For sure, there’s lots of stuff we, as a nation, badly need to do.

But we won’t make much progress if our chosen path forward is . . . gridlock.  Which is exactly what we’ll get if McConnell once again wields the Senate gavel and the G-NO-P once again controls the House.


Terry F: “Absolutely, positively DO NOT use a paper clip to clean out the lint in your phone’s ports. USE A WOODEN TOOTH PICK.”

Ed S.: “Yes, men who keep phones in their pockets have lint problems.  Paper clips will often work, but sometimes the thickness will keep one from getting into the corners of the charging receptacles.  A short piece of .020” solid brass wire is ideal.  Air compressors can also be used to blow out the offending lint.  What you do not want to use is anything that might break.  TOOTHPICKS ARE A CLEAR NO-NO.  Splintered wood will not facilitate charging.”

→ It reminds me of the advice two nurses gave me as I was leaving Mass General 50 years ago after a minor operation.  “Try not to cough,” one said.  “It could split your stitches.”  “Be sure to cough very few minutes,” the other said.  “You don’t want to let your lungs clog up.”  I survived, and so, I think, will my iPhone.

Hearings resume tomorrow!  Oh BOY, oh boy.  The truth is coming out!  What a concept.



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