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Jonathan Young: ‘I work with hearing-impaired and deaf students at Harvard. According to The New Yorker‘s story about blimps a few years ago, most blimp pilots suffer marked hearing loss because of engine noise. So: Vote Republican if you must, go to rock concerts without earplugs if you’re nuts, but don’t become a blimp pilot.’

☞ You caught me just in time.


I could take 10 minutes to put this in my own words, or you could take 2 seconds to click here and read it yourself. No wonder Wal-Mart is going to be able to sell generic drugs at $4 per prescription. They have begun rolling that out across the country. (Click here to see Costco’s prices – you don’t have to be a member to use its pharmacy.)


Kathryn Lance: ‘This non-political video is about the perception of beauty and shows how a rather ordinary-looking girl is transformed into a super-model. I found it amazing. And come to think of it, maybe it isn’t non-political after all.’

World famous advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather shows you why nobody is more beautiful than you because the models they use on billboards are nobody. They don’t exist. Our perception of beauty is based on people who do not exist.

Watch this 1 minute 10 second video and see how the agency turns an ordinary everyday looking woman into a super model. The real surprise is toward the end.

Please show this to your daughters. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make this a show and tell at school or girl scout meetings either.

☞ And you could bring in a few containers of figs to let the kids try them and see how good they are. (In a modest sort of way.)

Tomorrow: Say You Win the Lottery

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