Here. This guy is so good, his judgments so sound. Sadly, 98% of the citizenry won’t have watched more than a few snippets on the news, and the opposition more or else counts on that, as they pursue their stated top priority: seeing his presidency fail.

The unfortunate corollary, of course, is that for that to happen our country has to fail. (But for only four years, which they apparently think is worth the trade-off.)

If you disagree, as I know some of you do, please watch and let me know what you think.


Less than three years ago, the Republicans were pulling out all the stops to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin, who would be a heartbeat away from bearing the most responsibility of anyone on the planet. Her movie just opened – according to this report, not too wide.


Barbara: “You wrote, ‘Yesterday, I mentioned Oprah’s link to Satan.’ And how often do you usually talk to Satan?”

☞ Ah. I see your point. Fred Little, my seventh grade English teacher and head of the drama department, gave us a simple line to read on our first day of class. YOU LOOK LIKE A GREEK GOD. Just six words, but SO many ways to deliver them: YOU look like a Greek god (he doesn’t). You LOOK like a Greek god (but are you one, really?). You look LIKE a Greek god (but aren’t one). You look like a GREEK – god! (will you please look like the nice Italian girl we brought you up to be?). You look like a Greek – GOD! (And here it all depends on the inflection. Awe? Disgust? Surprise?)

So, no. I haven’t actually talked to Satan in months.


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