There is so much substantive work that needs doing to renew our infrastructure; there are so many talented unemployed people eager to do it.

After decades of tilting too far toward personal consumption (of mostly disposable items manufactured abroad), it’s time to tilt more toward public investment, contracting with private companies to put people to work renewing our infrastructure and leapfrogging the competition.

Public investment means higher taxes, especially on those at the top who have been reaping it since Bush slashed their taxes. But why wouldn’t we want to build a modern, competitive country?

Speaking of which . . .


We’ve talked before about 3D printing. Check this out. Printing a tool-with-moving-parts Amazing video.


Suggested here at $5.50 in hope of good data, Guru reports: “Didn’t work. I’m quite surprised, but does show there is always uncertainty in this game. They have at least 2.50/share in cash and 0.70/share in the discounted value of their royalties, with a minimal burn rate and nothing else in the pipeline. I expect they’ll find a way to realize at least $2.50 in value from that – and there’s still the now-remote chance something will come of their smoking cessation product. Plus, they have substantial tax-loss carry forwards, valuable in a merger.” So we lick our wounds on this one – but I probably won’t sell for less than $2.90.


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