A few months ago, Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich wrote a funny piece urging Biden not to run for re-election (too old).

Reich is usually right, but not this time.

The alternative to a Biden candidacy is a s—t show that has Democrats spending a fortune fighting each other, leaving us depleted and divided three months before November 5, 2024, while their presumptive nominee, flush with cash, has had what could be a year-long head start.

Sure we wish Joe were younger. He doubtless wishes it, too. But with age comes stature and experience — who else could meet with Xi having known him for 30 years? — and a team of 1,200 younger, vigorous appointees that has shown itself to be effective.

With Joe, you’re not getting an octogenarian; you’re getting that team of 1,200 led by a wise, decent, deeply good-hearted octogenarian who has earned the trust of our allies around the world.  And united them in thwarting Russia’s aggression.

Why would you change administrations when so much is going well — jobs for anyone who wants one, lower drug prices, chip manufacturing coming back to the US, a decade of revitalized infrastructure and rural broadband teed up  — and when progress is being made on the things we all agree need improvement?*

Why would you mess with that?

Have you seen the SNL Horror Movie Trailer on this topic?  Brilliant.

As for DeSantis, Frank Bruni’s two recent columns are worth your attention:

Ron DeSantis’s God Complex

Ron DeSantis Is An Optical Illusion

Have a great weekend.

*The more so if MAGA Republicans wouldn’t block compromise.



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