I had heard of SoFi and, more recently, Common Bond . . . but it turns out there are at least 10 alternatives worth considering.

(And an eleventh, at least for federal student loan debt: just elect Democrats.  They have long called for allowing borrowers to refinance at today’s lower rates, as a homeowner might refinance a high-interest mortgage — see, for example, page 28 of the 2016 Democratic Party platform, “Providing Relief From Crushing Student Debt.”  The Republicans, in their wisdom, have refused to allow refinancing.)

[Tech Nostalgia ON]

Jeff S.:  “Sorry if this is unintelligible. I’m nearly blind from the glare of my 32 inch monitor. That’s a little surprising because it should be broken by now. I’ve been throwing things at it.  Because of Quicken 2019.  It’s the latest in a long, sad series of Quicken releases over the past few decades. This newest version is bigger!, slower!, and features more dancing baloney than ever before.  On my 4-core computer running at multi-gigahertz speeds, it takes 13 seconds and 7 mouse clicks to make a minor edit to a transaction.  I really miss MYM. Even after all these years, I still think fondly of it. I ran my business on MYM (with a Mac IIcx), and I can’t remember it ever crashing or giving the wrong answer.  Which is not something that can be said about Quicken.”

→ What fun all that was.  (And, yes, I still use MYM.)  (And, no, there’s no way to revive it.)  Hats off to Jerry Rubin and all the other geniuses who took my wish list and made it our software.  And to Chris Lee and his team who did Mac-MYM.

[Tech Nostalgia OFF]



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