Managing Your Money
Managing Your Money



This was meant to be the only software you’d ever need. It paid your bills, estimated your taxes, managed your portfolio, helped with your life insurance — it even had a word processor built in.

I still use the final DOS version — Version 12 — even though the world has long since passed DOS by. I feel like one of those people on a remote island who still get by with the old customs, the old language, as the bulldozers creep ever closer.

Even so, I have just too much personal data in MYM — tens of thousands of transactions and Rolodex-like cards and notations — ever to give in until Bill Gates personally comes and wrecks my life through some kind of “enhancement” to the operating system that finally clear-cuts my forest.

MYM hasn’t been sold at retail for some years now, and my contract for it was severed years before that. So to the hundreds of thousands of you who canoed over from our little island to civilization (read: Quicken), more power to you and your new-fangled ways.



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