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Mike Myler: ‘I used to work with an evangelical….he sat alone at lunch because if anyone sat with him, he felt it was his duty to tell you you were going to hell because you didn’t believe in his god…his job was to convert …he would keep at it, would not listen to reason, had no doubts…reminds me of Republican friends when I would argue about Bush adding to deficit…their response: deficits don’t matter, Reagan proved that…’economy does better under Democrats?’…only because of what Republicans did when they were in office earlier…if you tried to pin them down with facts they just stared at you with a glazed look…I don’t know if Republicans are using the evangelicals or vice versa but it worries me…they both have this glassy look in their eyes and big hair.’

☞ I would vote for Marge Simpson in a heartbeat. It’s Homer, who has no hair, you have to watch out for. And while I appreciate your venting this way – there is a lot to vent about these days – we should also acknowledge (as I’m sure you do) that there are millions of thoughtful, well-intentioned Republicans. When I ask for their money for the DNC, I say: ‘Help us help you get your party back.’ Sometimes they give; generally they don’t. But most of them totally get what I mean . . . and wish they could get their party back. One day perhaps they will.

Nola McNeely: ‘I understand your saying that Mr. Lowe’s views are a little nutty. However, I have spent all 59 years of my life in Oklahoma and Texas and was raised Southern Baptist. In the 80’s, I even became enamored of Hal Lindsey and his apocalyptic books as well as Pat Robertson. Thank goodness I came to my senses, took my brain down off the shelf and realized how dangerous these people are. Please don’t entirely dismiss Mr. Lowe’s warnings. These people are in deadly earnest and absolutely convinced of the righteousness of their cause and will not listen to anyone who questions their beliefs. I was in the midst of them and still live in a state that is very much influenced by the evangelical fundamentalists and they are very determined and scary.’

☞ I didn’t mean that Lowe’s views are nutty, I meant the whole situation – that, 36 years after man walked on the moon, we could be debating evolution and whether our god is bigger than their god – was nutty. All this stuff just makes me very nervous. As I said yesterday, the only thing I know for sure about religion is that it should be separate from government – and that Jesus was the original liberal.

And now . . .


Gary Diehl: ‘This is a wonderful heartfelt monolog by Julia Sweeney (formerly of Saturday Night Live). As this is a frames site, there is no direct link. So go here. Then go to the 05 archive at left and select the June 3 ‘Godless America’ episode (Episode 290). Her monolog is in the second half of the show, so you can skip ahead to the 37 minute 30 second mark.’

☞ But if you can find the time, I thought the first 37½ minutes were worth it, too.  WARNING: The interviewer is respectful, but you can tell he has his doubts.  As for Julia Sweeney, I found her to be more thought-provoking and funny than mean.  But others may be offended, which is not my intention.

(If there is no column tomorrow, it’s not just that I’m lazy; it’s to give you time to listen.)


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