‘A few Jews add strength and character to a country, but too many create chaos. And we are getting too many.’
– Charles Lindbergh, April 1939 diary entry, from the historical notes at the end of Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America

The thing that struck me about Roth’s novel (Lindbergh beats FDR in 1940 and America goes fascist) is how one thing could just lead to another, plausibly, and in a very short period of time. At no point did I find myself thinking, ‘Oh, Spiderman couldn’t really swing from building to building.’ Or that, in the scenario Roth constructs, Lindbergh couldn’t really have won, or that, as I say, one thing couldn’t have led to another.

In real life, America won’t go fascist, because America has a wonderful way of righting herself. But if you’re beginning to sense a blurring of the lines between corporate interests and the state, between church and state, I commend to you this interview with George Lowe. It may strike you as outlandish. I find it all a bit nutty. But I’m not sorry I took the time to read it. (The only thing I know for sure about religion is that it should be separate from government – and that Jesus was the original, quintessential liberal. Think about it.)

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