There are so many reasons Trump should not be president, including that he is — per Laurence Tribe on MSNBC, via Salon — “a walking, talking violation of the Constitution.”

It’s called the emoluments clause, and it basically says no officer of the United States can be on the receiving end of any kind of benefit, economic benefit, payment, gift, profit, whatever, from a foreign government or its corporations or agents. . . . In this case Donald Jr. or Ivanka or Eric — then there would be a close relationship that could never be disentangled by the American public.

He’s a constant emolument magnet. He thinks of himself as a babe magnet, but he’s an emoluments magnet. And all around the world everybody wants to go to his hotels and not the competitors, and wants to give him a variance or a special land use permit and there’s simply no way short of absolutely liquidating all of his [assets and placing the proceeds] into a blind trust and not handed over to his kids. No way short of that prevents him from being a walking, talking violation of the Constitution from the moment he takes the oath.

With that in mind, have you seen this idea?  That Hillary urge her electors all to vote for Romney December 19, so Putin doesn’t win, after all.  Just three dozen or so Republican electors would have to switch.

I doubt it will happen or would work.  And it would make Trump voters very mad, understandably.

But both Clinton and Romney got a higher percentage of the popular vote than Trump did, and either poses far less risk to the world; so it’s a thought.

Especially if the forthcoming New York Times revelations on the extent of Russia’s interference in our election prove as sensational as they are rumored to be — and come forth in time.



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