Have you seen this New Yorker cartoon?  About the quiz show “Facts Don’t Matter” where a wrong answer trumps the right one if it’s shouted louder?

Paul Abrams shares an all too relevant quote:

Since the liar is free to fashion his ‘facts’ to fit the profit and pleasure, or even the mere expectations, of his audience, the chances are that he will be more persuasive than the truth teller. — Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

“Figuring out how not only to survive this, but to conquer it,” Paul writes, “is the central challenge of our time.”

Fareed Zakaria — the indispensable international commentator I tune to on CNN every Sunday morning — analyzes the kinship some, like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, feel toward Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.  Four minutes. Chilling.






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