This short, wet clip of Bubbles and Bella can’t fail to make you smile.  But it’s the information that crawls up the screen at the end that really grabs you. (Thanks, Mel!)


Kevin Smith:  “As it happens, I just flew Spirit to and from NYC (out of FLL) this past weekend.  I’m not particularly young (43) nor poor, but it was the best price I could get.  They do indeed try to charge for all “add-on” items, but you don’t have to pay for anything unless you want to.  I found a carry-on bag that met their guidelines for “one free personal item” (16x14x12) and I allowed them to assign my seat, rather than choosing one.  I had heard that you could purchase a ticket at the airport and save (at least) $16.99 per leg of the trip by avoiding one of their fees on the online ticketing service…so I did that in advance.  I saved $34 on the round trip fare that was available online, less the $3 it cost my to park at FLL airport while I ran in and got the ticket.  I did have a bit of trouble checking in online for the return trip, but after a phone call to customer service, that was solved, as well.  It wasn’t fancy, but we arrived early on both trips, and boarding was reasonably simple, and I got where I needed to go.  I would use them again, certainly, until something goes wrong (but then, I’ve had problems on most airlines at one point or another, who hasn’t?).  I have a round-trip to Chicago planned in October…we will see how that goes.”



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