I am a dog person.

(A “real” dog person.  If your dog looks like a hamster, or a stick figure, I will try to hold my tongue but may already have said too much.  If your dog appears able to crush my ankle in his jaws — with a look in his eye suggesting he’s considering it — I will exhibit fear and he will sense that fear which will only confirm his suspicion I am up to no good, increasing his snarl and my fear . . . and down it spirals.  I once lived in a home protected by a German shepherd with vision problems.  As many times as I showed him the deed — this was my home; his master worked for me; I bore the cost of both his kibbles and his bits — he never lost the scent of my fear, more than once blocking entry or egress.)

In case you, too, are a dog person, enjoy this clip — and consider buying a sidecar for your motorbike.

Nothing against cats.  I just seek a less fraught relationship.


John Seiffer:  “Like you, I held on to some SIGA.  Any thoughts on what happens now?”

☞  Well, here’s what happened.  My hope is that the stock — down 30% to $1.60 when John emailed me — is an over-reaction and that any further surprises would be to the upside.  But obviously, this court ruling is not what we hoped.  With money I can still afford to lose, I hang on.




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