[Hey! Don’t forget: second quarterly estimated tax due today.]

But first:

Why Andrew Yang Matters — you read about him here first!

Justice Kavanaugh Wants Us To Know He’s Won (thanks, Glenn — you’ve ruined my day).

And now:

Five myths about Congressional perks.

Short form:

> Members DO pay into Social Security, just like everybody else.

> Members and their staff ARE subject to ObamaCare.  Their only way out: coverage through a spouse or parent, or buying coverage on their own, without federal subsidy . . . like anyone else.

> Members do NOT receive a big pension after one term.  (E.g.: After 16 years, former Congressman Steve Israel gets $40,000/year.  Not nothing — but hardly the $174,000-after-just-one-term frequently alleged.)

> And no — #4 and #5 — they DON’T get free DC housing (unless sleeping on their office couch) and have NOT given themselves raises in the last ten years.

That said, I sure would like your help sweeping out of office those representatives — and senators — who see their role as attempting to block any progress under a Democrat, as with Obama; and defending the indefensible, as with Trump.

Click here.

We should daily demand that Senate Republicans at least take up — and ideally pass — the 10 bills Democrats in the House have passed this year to make normal Americans’ lives better.



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