Sorry, no time for anything serious . . . still quaking from listening to former Counter-Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke at a DNC conference today. He notes that in four years, our parents’ generation was able to defeat the Nazis and Japan simultaneously, whereas in four years since 9/11, we haven’t even gotten our first-responder communications systems talking to each other, let alone made any significant progress in securing our chemical and nuclear facilities. (There are about 100 chemical plants in America whose lethal plumes could cover population areas of 1 million or more, he notes.)

His presentation was beyond gripping.

I hope to be able to link you to the audio next week.

I just ordered his forthcoming novel, The Scorpion’s Gate, which I expect will be #1 on the best-seller lists in short order. Read it and regift it.


(Thanks, Paul O’Donnell.)

Malaysian Who Pulled Jet With Hair Dies
Oct 19 10:38 AM US/Eastern

Letchemanah Ramasamy, known to Malaysians as “Mighty Man” for feats that included pulling planes and buses with his hair, has died of heart complications, his family said Wednesday. He was 55.

Ramasamy succumbed to a heart valve infection at a hospital in a Kuala Lumpur suburb Tuesday, about two years after he underwent a heart transplant, his son, Thiyagarajan Ramasamy, told the national news agency, Bernama.

Ramasamy achieved national fame in 1990 when he used his hair to drag a Boeing 737 aircraft over a distance of nearly 56 feet at a Malaysian airport. In 1999, he towed a double-decker bus over a distance of 98 feet in Leicestershire, Britain.


Ed Miske: ‘Of course, I didn’t get it . . . until a split second after I took a mouthful of coffee, which I’ve just cleaned off of the screen and keyboard.’

☞ It’s even funnier when you hear them say it with straight faces.


Jeff: ‘The ‘bottle in front of me . . . frontal lobotomy’ is a classic Tom Waits quote. Another great one: ‘I knew him when he was nothing and he hasn’t changed a bit.”

Daisy: ‘I heard it as, ‘I’d rather have a free bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.’ A little funnier that way, doncha think?’

☞ Yep.


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