Just six months after the mid-term election, gas prices are about to break through to new all-time highs. Now there’s a surprise.

I wrote last fall:

So gasoline prices have come down and people are happy again – just in time for the mid-term election.

What a stroke of luck for the oil companies!

What a further stroke of luck it would be if prices then went back up after the election.

Of course, there’s that old expression about ‘making your own luck.’ But only a cynic would suggest that oil companies have any influence over the price of gasoline.

Or that, even if they did, they would ever try to use their influence to help the Administration retain unchecked power (other than with political contributions, which thus far in 2006 exceed $12.5 million, 83% to Republicans).

☞ Or that the Saudis, who are blood-brother Bushies, have much to do with the price of oil, either.

Some thought I was being too cynical – and I’m not sure they were wrong. But I no longer dismiss such things out of hand as I would have before we became a nation that does not torture (we just waterboard) and a nation that goes to war only as a last resort.


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