No, no, no, no, no. I’m not writing a column until you watch the Clinton speech excerpted yesterday.

(What’s that? You say you did watch it? Well, did you forward it to everyone you know? Especially anyone you know in college? And urge them to do the same?)

You may think this is a cheap summer trick to keep from having to post a column when it’s so gorgeous out here at the beach – and it is that. But really – people need to understand what’s going on. And if Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann strike some as too shrill, which on occasion they are, though in the main they are exceptionally good . . . or if Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert strike them as too bleeping profane or snide or whatever, though they are hugely brilliant and patriotic . . . well, then, this is perfect: President Clinton’s manner is thoughtful and understated; he isn’t running for anything; he gave us eight years of peace and prosperity; he left his successor with a surplus; and he has done more global good since leaving office than any other ex-president, ever. So he just may be worth listening to.

Watch the whole thing. And then find a way to get others to watch.

And remember: The wealthy are job creators. They must not be taxed as they were under Clinton, when we created 23 million new jobs. They must be taxed as they were under Bush, when we created almost none at all.


Suggested here last Tuesday at $1.77, closed yesterday up a bit (not as big a bit as hoped) at $1.97. Guru: “Data were as expected and could not have been better. The phase III hit its primary endpoint with a very low p value measured both by the protocol-specified primary endpoint and by the recent FDA requested primary analysis. The market cap is not much more than $100 million – should be two to three times that.”

Of course, “should be” and “will be” are but loosely related concepts.


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