Two semi-bums strolling among the skyscrapers. Says one: “Have you ever wanted something so bad that you’d actually save up the money to buy it?” — Frank Cotham cartoon in the New Yorker.

With respect to last Friday’s column on my trip to Omaha . . .

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Rob Schoen: “Enjoy your dailies. I’ve even learned to tolerate your occasional DNC/big government/liberal wacko columns (I’m a conservative wacko myself.) One thing I just don’t understand, though. Why on earth do you fly COACH? I do, because I work for a young start-up company and we watch every penny, but once we’re not a young start-up company, we all look forward to chance to ride the front of the bus. But you’re a successful author. Surely you COULD afford the front seats if you chose to. So, what gives?”

Have you seen a lot of advertising on this site? Until I get this clickle thing worked out, so you can tip me a nickel or a dime if you like something I write, I am living off the scraps restaurants throw out just before closing each night, and sleeping in my car.

Wait, no. That’s not it. Have you seen the seats in First Class? They’re enormous. My feet dangle off the floor like I’m six years old. It’s embarrassing!

Wait, no. That’s not it. Have you noticed that a $329 supersaver in 8D costs $2,491 in 3B?

That’s it!

Actually, the truth is I generally do fly first or business class. But like most others up front, I don’t pay for it. I fly so much, and am so well treated by American Airlines, I am usually upgraded. The flight to Omaha was on Delta. Delta is a very nice airline, but to Delta, I am dirt. (Maybe they read my October 2, 1998 column.)

Actually, American wasn’t born yesterday. The upgrades aren’t free. They cost about $75 per flight, depending on the distance. Is it extravagant to spend $75 for three hours’ comfort? Yes. But it seems like such a bargain compared with the extra $1,000 it’s “supposed” to cost, who can resist?

Free TV “Clipping Service”
“Enter a word or phrase in which you have some interest, and TVeyes will e-mail you a transcript whenever that word or phrase is spoken on television. Cool, huh?” — Steve Gilbert. Yes. Useless for most of us, but very cool.

Tomorrow: Squeeze the Shorts?


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