As far as the election goes:

  1.  Woke is broke — watch Bill Maher.  As someone said, the  woke need to make room for the waking.

  2. We have to talk about things differently.

  3. We have to deliver.  C”mon Manchin and Sinema. The people of your states want wealthy people and corporations to pay taxes to make pre-K free, health care more affordable, and all the rest.

  4. Far from giving up, we have to redouble our efforts . . . which is sure less of a sacrifice than storming the beaches of Normandy to fight fascism or dying at Gettysburg to preserve the Union.  Keep giving and working at it. After John Kerry’s loss to George W. Bush we kept at it and got Barack Obama and a Democratic Congress.

If you’re coming to New York, see David Byrne’s American Utopia!

If you’ve seen the movie, read or listen to Shooting Midnight Cowboy!

And in the Inspiring Documentary Dept., set your DVD to record Mayor Pete on Amazon Prime November 12.



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