I spent an hour and a half with Alice Cooper yesterday — just he and I — as I power-walked in the crisp fresh air and he told me the story of his life:  Who I Really Am: Diary of a Vampire.

I  finally came to know, some 50 years late, what all the shouting’s been about.

What a life! 

I doubt I’d be a fan of an Alice Cooper concert.  Too loud and chaotic.

But to hear an entire 73-year amazing life in 92 minutes?*

I loved it.

Free, no less.  (“Audible Originals” like this one are on the house to members.)

A few weeks earlier, I had gone to a memorial service for a dear friend who, nearing the end of a long illness, had succumbed to Covid in the early days of the pandemic.

Born just five weeks after Alice Cooper, his life was very different — a real estate agent, not a rock star — yet sufficiently rich to fill the Broadway theater where Hamilton plays eight shows a week.

They taped it.

I thought you might like to watch.

What a life!

Have a great weekend.

Hurray for infrastructure.



* I listened at 1.4 speed.



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