My first TV appearance was at 6 in the Peanut Gallery of the Howdy Doody Show.

My next was at 19 on the Today Show with Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters.

Hugh Downs was in a neck brace; Barbara Walters was in the early stages of her trail-blazing career; I was plugging Let’s Go: The Student Guide to Europe.

Fast forward 25 years to Barbara Walters’ interview with Trump.

A fitting tribute.


Up until now I’ve not bothered writing about George Santos, the incoming Republican Congressman who lied about graduating from college and working for Goldman Sachs and pretty much everything else.

Yet now, it seems, he lied about having attended my high school, and that’s just a bridge too far.

Now it’s personal.

Read his story here and then consider:

Should the incoming Republican Congress seat him?

It would be the easiest win in the world to declare themselves a party that does not tolerate blatant, breathtaking fraud.

A way of tacitly moving on from Trump (a blatant, breathtaking fraud).

They would lose the seat to a Democrat but still control the House, so why not?

If they’re smart — let alone if they do not accept breathtaking frauds as colleagues — they will deny him the seat.

Most of my friends think they’ll seat him.




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