This must-read thriller from Wired details the world’s most costly cyberattack to date.

(Not counting the attack that subverted American democracy and cost America its global leadership.)

It leaves me with these “take-aways” —

  1. Cyberwarfare (and Russian attacks, in particular, as described in this piece) are a huge threat.  Imagine your life without, say, electricity.
  2. It’s a better idea than ever to have a “disaster hoard,” as I’ve been touting for decades.  (“This idea of a disaster hoard, by the way, is not such a foolish one. Nor is it “gloom and doom.” Disasters do occur . . . floods, earthquakes, power outages . . . and it does make sense for every household to accumulate—now, when there’s no need to, at sale prices—enough nonperishables to last a while. Such a modest stockpiling not only protects individuals, it serves the social interest as well. Just as the nation is stronger if it has strategic stockpiles, so is the social fabric a little less susceptible to disruption or panic if everyone has an added layer of security.”)



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