Start with this — under three minutes.  Denmark responds to Fox News’s ridiculous claims.  You will love it on so many levels.

Then, if you’ve not yet seen “great health care for everybody at a tiny fraction of the cost” . . . if you’re concerned that inflation-adjusted wages are still stagnant while the rich and powerful are growing ever more rich and powerful . . . if you’re beginning to doubt that Mexico will pay for the wall — if, in fact, you’ve not been “winning so much you’ve become tired of winning” — perhaps you should treat yourself to Jonathan Chait’s: ‘Law and Order’ Candidate Donald Trump Is Surrounded By Criminals. (“There is a type of person to whom Trump is attracted, and a type of person who is attracted to Trump. He repels virtue, and is a magnet for sleaze.”)

Not that you’ll learn anything you didn’t know.

Then, if you have time (as usual, I have your whole weekend planned out for you), meet Harvard’s new president, Lawrence Bacow.  What a contrast.  Harvard could have picked a tax-avoiding, truth-avoiding, mob-consorting, Boy Scout-offending, Hitler-speech-reading, Putin-praising sociopath with no experience to lead the university, but instead it chose an Eagle Scout.

Who in 2005 said to the graduating seniors of Tufts (of which he was then president):

. . . There are lots of ways to earn a living. What is truly important is to lead a meaningful life, to acquire a good name, or as the Talmud would say, a shem tov.

What is a good name? It is the crown that sits atop all your other accomplishments. It comes from the love and respect one earns from parents and children, from friends and colleagues. It comes from being honest and trustworthy with yourself and with others. It means making good on your commitments. People who enjoy a good name always strive to do the right thing, not that which is easy or convenient. They think about others before thinking about themselves. They are helpful because it is the right thing to do….People who enjoy a good name do not yield to temptation, but rather, always embrace decency, honesty, integrity, and humility.…

We have every confidence that you will make your mark in the world, and that you will create for yourself a shem tov, a good name.

Kind of reminds you of the previous occupant of the White House. Or of this guy, who’d be an interesting choice to come next.

Have a great week-end!

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