But first: discriminating against babies on religious grounds?  Really?  Watch this just-released 60-second PSA from the Ad Council.

And now:

This Isn’t About Trump.  (But of course it is.)

It’s a note to the writer’s Trump-supporting friends.  If you have some (I have one!), pass it on.

I did — to an older gay friend, Princeton grad, from a liberal neck of the woods, who still supports Trump (go figure).

I sent the link and asked for his thoughts.  He responded:

“This is whiny nonsense. Trump is (a) addressing national problems for far too long ignored or downplayed by admins of both parties (e.g.: NorKorea), (b) advancing the national interest on multiple fronts, and (c), to general astonishment, trying hard to fulfill his election promises. This is understandably unsettling to many folks. Among the very few commentators who have a clue are Selena Zito and Conrad Black. I commend to you this assessment from the National Review, which I think is likely substantially correct.  Cheers!”

Needless to say, I see it differently.



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