Billionaire Nick Hanauer summarizes:

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump promised you a $4,000 raise. They said the rich and corporations would give it you after they got giant tax cuts. But guess what? It’s not coming. That’s because their entire economic theory of growth is a scam.

Here’s the reality: If Trump wanted to give you a raise, he wouldn’t rely on trickle-down lies to do it. A mere $2 increase in the minimum wage would give millions of hard-working Americans a $4,000 raise. A modest updating of our overtime regulations would give a $4,000 raise to tens of millions more.

Let’s hold these trickle-down clowns accountable. We can, and we will, vote them out of office this November.

If you can, chip in a few dollars so we can drive more action and hold these scam artists accountable.

Chip in $5 to fight trickle-down BS.

So I did.

And read his full piece in USA Today.

And re-viewed his seminal 6-minute TED talk — “the rich are not the job creators.”

Have a great weekend!



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