And here is . . . Chapter 17 of Fire & Ice. (You already have Chapters 1-16.) How Revson tried to do for shoe polish what he had done for nail polish. (Really!) And other sad tales.

Meanwhile: What to do when there’s nothing about MONEY in this space? As today? My own suggestion is that you just stop thinking about it for a while, as I have. Money needs time to itself, time to grow. Watched pots and all that. But if you just can’t help yourself, and you’re willing to take your chances, I direct your attention to my Archives (which you can click at left).

From time to time — wincing — I read some of the old ones. And when they’re not TOO awful, I click a box my web master has designed for me — I have, I should tell you, a brilliant, congenial, inspired web master (who has done what you see here on two lunch breaks) — and I “release” a few more old columns. For example, just now I “released” May 6, 7, and 8, 1997.

(“But we don’t WANT to be released!” two of them cried, shoving Kevorkian news clips across my desktop. “We are painfully cute. Terminally useless. Delete us! Delete us!” Their case is under review.)


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