The oil has finally run out but this song can’t wait another year to be shared.

Have you ever seen a drop test?  BOREF shareholders may enjoy this one.  It’s in German, and Greek to me. But all part of the FAA certification process.  Inch by inch.

Georgia — we totally have a shot!

For money: American Bridge.

For time:

For fun: Rock the Runoff, streamed last week.

The French Royal buzz keeps building.  You may be late for Christmas, but February 14th is just around the corner.  And there’s a one in twelve chance any given woman in your life celebrates her birthday in January.

Use this link to get $30 off a gift of BrainHQ — shown greatly to reduce the odds of developing dementia, the severity of auto accidents, and a whole lot more.

Or for the same money you could get them a scarf.

Tim C.: “As regards last week’s living-forever . . . you might want to find out whether the telomere-lengthening endures once you exit that hyperbaric chamber. In space they lengthen but then deteriorate back on earth.”

→ Oh, okay.  I’ll await further study.  But I have a good feeling about this!

Have a great weekend.



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