Gary: ‘Googling ‘Symantec sucks‘ (in quotes) gets you 4732 hits. It’s a useful trick.’

☞ And by the time I tried it, ‘Symantec sucks’ was up to 4,840. Then again, Googling ‘AVG sucks‘ gets you 2,130 hits. So life in the Twenty-first Century is just plain hard.

Emerson Schwartzkopf: ‘You didn’t try to use Symantec’s Norton Go Back, did you? I’ve managed to wipe out two hard-drives’ full of data using it. Or maybe you’ve dealt with Symantec’s Automatic Renewal efforts, where it keeps clicking away on your credit card for computers you sent down the recycling path years ago.’

Bill Spaced: ‘I agree with all of your readers [about Norton anti-virus]. Plus, there are a few great free anti-virus programs around, Comodo, for one. AVG is good, too. Symantec long ago lost its way. I think when Peter Norton was there, it was truly great. Now, not so much. But I wanted to tell you about a FREE online storage utility. It offers 50GB for free. Sign up is all that’s needed. The only limitation I’ve come across is it only allows uploads of about 2GB at a time. No doubt, somebody’s working on a utility to synchronize this service with your PC. It’s called Adrive. Google is also coming out with an online storage system. Stay tuned for that one. Surely, it will kill them all.’

John Perko: ‘I’ve been using a highly-regarded password protection program called Roboform for the last year. It’s excellent.’

☞ Others wrote in to recommend Roboform, also – as they did, below.

Les Rosenbaum: ‘I can recommend for your backup needs. After you install a program they provide it allows you to select folders and files to backup. Or it selects them for you. Or a combination of the two methods. They don’t really encourage you to backup your entire PC, only your data files. You get 2 gigabytes of storage for free and if that isn’t enough, unlimited storage for $4.95 per month. I have used Mozy on both a PC and a Mac. Now if the computers unexpectedly explode, I’ll be able to download my data onto a new one or, for a fee, have Mozy send me my data on DVDs. There are other similar services available online, but I’m content with Mozy.’


Paul Buddenhagen: ‘I was searching your site for the last ‘blank check’ company (found it – NAQ) and serendipitously came across The Jewish Parrot Joke. What with all the issues you’ve been writing about lately (energy, subprime loans, FMD, WM, etc) and with Chanukah here, maybe time to retell it? Made me laugh.’

☞ Okay, every 10 years it gets an airing. But rather inflict it on anyone by reposting it, let’s make it an ‘opt-in’ joke. Anyone who wants to read it, click here.


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