Okay, don’t forget Africa — at all.  But seriously . . . how great would this be (unless you’re a mosquito)?

Mike Molletta:  “While I am on opposite sides of your political view, I enjoy your hopeful outlook for the future and thought of you when I saw this.  Entrepreneurial innovation that helps others is what we need more of as opposed to financial engineering.”

☞ Amen, brother.  High frequency mosquito repellant from my iPhone seems no more worthwhile than high-frequency trading by Goldman Sachs.  But this thing?  It just might work!  (And, BTW, it’s not possible you are on the opposite side of my political view.  I’ll bet there’s a lot more we agree on than disagree.)


Gently stick a T-TIP in our economic ear — a U.S.-European Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership — possibly coming next year — and, as described in Richard Rosecrance’s Sunday Times op-ed, add half a percent of growth to both giant economies . . . which, especially over decades, is not as small as it sounds.  (If we otherwise might have expected 2.5% annual growth, say, adding half a percent, to 3%, adds 20% to the growth rate.)  One more reason to be hopeful.


Speaking of which, here’s an item on WheelTug from, a site “based in Seattle with writers located around the world” which has a rosy disposition of its own:  “Many people see airlines as an ‘evil’ business and that flying ‘is not like it used to be,'” they write; “ tries to remind folks that flying is still a magical experience and it is not like the way it used to be; in many cases it is better.”  Certainly a load safer and cheaper and less environmentally taxing than it was in the golden age, and with better entertainment and productivity options, to boot.  Now, if only we didn’t have to wait for a tug to back us out from the gate; and if only we could board and deplane in little more than half the time, by using the rear door as well as the front (“the WheelTug twist“).  Just might happen.



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