My brother-in-law the gay Catholic priest is thrilled, and I dare say Jesus would have been, too:  “Pope Francis & Gay Priests: A ‘Sea Change’ Is At Hand As Pontiff Reaches Out To LGTB Community.


On the third anniversary of its passage, only 39% of the massive Dodd-Frank financial reform bill’s regulations have been completed.  But watch former Senator Dodd and former Congressman Frank discuss it.  Just as people are beginning to realize all the good Obamacare may do them and the country, so it looks as though Dodd-Frank may have been a solid piece of work as well, despite the best efforts of the G.O.P. to kill, gut, stymie and neuter it.


Seriously: can you imagine anything more fun than this?  I want one of these thing for when I ride the subway.


So here was the original New York Times review in April — “seriously funny” — and here is the front page of the New York Times Arts & Leisure section yesterday, calling it “the most talked about new comedy of the season . . . It goes down as easily and tastily as lemon sorbet, and the only pain in your stomach it creates is the kind that comes from laughing too hard.”  I own a piece of this show.  Buy a ticket!



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