Jeff Bauer: ‘You write: ‘You’re wondering just how long apples in a refrigerator can last?’ Would you believe six months? My father used to run an apple orchard – about 12,000 trees – and built a cold storage building. Why? Because apples fetch higher prices in January. Not much different than what you’re doing with your fridge, but on a larger scale. Purchase your favorite varieties in October and enjoy eating them through the winter when the prices go up. For maximum freshness, place them in the crisper drawer, in a perforated plastic bag. ‘If there’s no column tomorrow, you’ll know why. But so far, I feel fine.’ You’ll be better than fine. Keep eating those apples. (Fujis rock.)’

☞ And carrots can last up to 9 months. Click here for ideal storage temperatures and hints on which fruits don’t huddle well with others in the dark.


As of two nights ago, only 7,889 YouTubers had seen it since March 2. Now, 24 hours later, thanks to you, twice as many have. But what about the other 200 million eligible US voters? If the number keeps doubling every day, as friends tell friends to watch, we’ll get to them all in two weeks. (Not that this will happen; but 15,000 doubling each day does get you to 200 million in under 14 days.)


Click here (but that’s the story in a nutshell: hotel mini-bar keys open Diebold voting machines).


Click here to watch a demo from Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy on how to steal an election on Diebold machines undetectably – in under a minute. The demo simulates an election between George Washington and Benedict Arnold. Guess who wins.

Note, near the end of the demo, how a single machine can be rigged to infect many more.

Tell me again why so few Republicans co-sponsor HR 550? Next to motherhood and apple pie, shouldn’t verifiable elections – which underpin democracy – be the easiest bipartisan issue in the world?

If you are represented in Congress by a Republican, please consider bringing this to his or her attention right now. Just call the Congressional switchboard – 202-224-3121. No need to talk with your Representative directly; see if you can get his or her legislative aide on the phone, or just leave a message asking for support of HR 550.

Tomorrow: Buffett and Borealis (from the sublime to the ridiculous)

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