But first . . .

The Conservative Case For Big Spending.

That’s how I’d re-title this short column by David Brooks (“Our Pathetic Herd Immunity Failure”).

It’s about distrust and doom . . . but also the way out.

If you have a friend who’s “socially liberal but fiscally conservative” — “and that’s why he’s a Republican” — pass it on?

And perhaps also remind him it was Democrats Clinton and Obama who tamed the Reagan/Bush deficits; Mitch McConnell’s Republicans — pre-Covid! — who needlessly sent it soaring again?

And now . . .

Barry #1 chipped in $1,000.  “I’ve been feeling like it’s time to think about control of Congress. Thanks for the reminder.”

Chipping in to help save the world must be done with money you can truly afford to lose (’cause you just did).  But it’s such a nice world, isn’t it?

Barry #2 is the Yale B-School professor who co-founded Honest Tea, eventually acquired by Coke.

I had the good fortune to be an early investor.

Getting in on or near the ground floor is highly risky; and even when it works, generally requires tremendous patience.  In this case, 12 years.

Even so, my investment mix has skewed ever more toward start-ups because (a) I like to swing for the fences; (b) stocks, bonds, and real estate have seemed pricey; (c) many of these startups aim to make life better — prevent dementia . . . incentivize more energy-efficient homes . . . improve air travel.  (And “if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you,” as they used to say — except that I really do.)

Also (d), under current law, profits made in such investments held for five years may be free of tax — an incentive to encourage new enterprise.

I haven’t written much about this because — unlike PRKR or CNF, say — you can’t easily take a flier on them.

But now you can!  I’ve found a new way for you to lose money!

Barry #2 has co-founded an encore to Honest Tea called Real Made Oats.  I put a bunch of cash into it the traditional way 18 months ago; but now, as you’ll see here, you can invest as little as $100.

If you do, you really have to kiss the money goodbye.

But who knows?  Twelve years from now, we might make 10 times our money.  And it’s fun.  But only with money you can truly afford to lose.

(Buy a box first to see if you even like it?  The mulberry and chia is my favorite.  I add a teaspoon of erythritol to make it a little sweeter, but that’s me.)

Have a great weekend!

Don’t forget to save the world!



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