1. MONEY-SAVING: amazing-bargains.com.

2. EARTH-SAVING: Of our interminable mining discussion, Roger Wiens writes . . . “When dealing with extremes, don’t forget the bumper sticker: Save the Earth, Kill Yourself.

3. FACE-SAVING: Along with the clickle and the pre-signatorum, faithful readers will know that this column has another world-changing notch in its belt. We recently dispatched that dreadful Black-Tie Optional convention, which makes everyone feel so awkward. We replaced it with “Black Tie” (period) and “Black Tie Suggested” (most people will be wearing black tie, but you don’t have to).

I’ve thought of one more: “Black Tie Welcome” (few people will wear it, but go ahead — be wild).

Meanwhile, Charles and I finally decided it would be better to attend the event that occasioned all this soul-searching in dark suits.

And weren’t we happy! As it turned out, there were about 1200 suits in the room and 17 tuxedos (77 counting the wait staff). Whew!

And yet I’m told that at the Los Angeles version of this organization’s very same event next Saturday — the one we went to was in more-formal New York — almost everyone goes black-tie. Pity the poor guys in suits who don’t know.

Guidance, people — we need guidance!

Black Tie . . . Black Tie Suggested . . . Black Tie Welcome — the new social standard.


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