I find myself at TeaParty.org from time to time — I get a lot of mail from Steve Scalise worried that the Democrats will take back the House (and cost him his possible speakership), and from right-wing groups (unless they’re KGB sites — who knows?) like Prepared Patriots and The Daily Conspiracy with headlines like . . . “How To Use Bedsheets To Make Your Escape.  Seriously.”  . . . “The Deep State Revealed In The Bible: Nothing New Under The Sun” . . . “Ten-Year-Old German Muslim Violates Classmate” . . . “Bombshell Revelation from Egyptian Media: John McCain Was ‘Godfather’ of Muslim Brotherhood.”

Some of these have ads imbedded.  My favorite, which appeared in a pro-gun Teaparty.org story: “Can This Free Brain Pill Instantly Double Your IQ?”

To which I found myself silently responding: “Yours, maybe.”

Sorry.  But one reads Bob Woodward’s Fear, on one’s smartphone (Kindle edition), and one just has to cry and marvel and vent at the insane turn the world has taken — and dip deeper into one’s home equity line.

Like Michael Cohen.

Except he did it to hush a porn star; I did it to fund organizers.

(If you’re plumb out of dough, click here to help, instead.)

(Thanks, Mel!)

And if you have 3 minutes for the Rattlesnakes Bluegrass Band, you may enjoy this (not to offend anyone who thinks it’s okay Putin is someone Trump likes and admires).



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