Yesterday, I promoted some great protest signs.  Here are some great chalkboard quotes, from a gas station in South Africa.  (And only a couple concern alcohol:  “Stop trying to make everybody happy — you’re not tequila.”  “If you have to choose between drinking wine every day or being skinny, which would you choose?  Red or white?”)

Monday, I urged you to watch Active Measures on iTunes.  I’m urging again. Sure, I knew some of this.  But to see much that I did not know — and to see how all the pieces fit together?  Mind-blowing.  You may find yourself telling everyone you know to watch it, too.

And have you watched or read Obama’s speech, also posted Monday?

Or David Brock on who Brett Kavanaugh really is?  His remembrance of their years together?  It’s worse than you thought.

  1. Join Team Blue.
  2. CrushTheMidterms.  It even designs an action plan for you.
  3. MobilizeAmerica.

No need to choose: sign up with all three.

And if you can — click here.



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