But first:

Clarence Penn: “You asked for feedback on MisfitsMarket.  I get it every week — $19 + $4.50 shipping. If you cook a lot, it’s great (as some of the veggies need to be used quickly). It ships in this material made of starch which you dissolve under water. It’s amazing.  I’ve never seen such a way of packing to cut down on waste. We both know how expensive it is to buy organic. This is def a win.”

Italy is so great.

OK, now:

Lindsey Graham on impeachment.  I’ve got to admit he makes a strong case.  Under a minute.  Watch.

Especially as more than 800 former federal prosecutors say Barr was wrong — Trump’s conduct has been indictable.  It’s not even a close question.

What apparently is a close question is why an ancient Department of Justice memo saying a president can’t be indicted while in office is “controlling” decades later.  How about a new memo arguing the opposite view; or letting the question work its way up through the courts?  Perhaps a memo arguing that you can’t indict him or her for minor or irrelevant things — lying about a sexual affair, perhaps.  But that you can for things of national import like obstructing justice in matters of national security.

We’re under attack.  Putin is winning.  Have a great weekend.



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