Dave Burgess: “Have you seen MisfitsMarket?  One of my daughters just started using their service recently and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of produce. Also reasonably priced. $19 for 10-12 lbs, includes shipping.  There is a larger option.  It is only available in the Northeast at the moment.”

> I love this idea.  Saves money and shopping time, cuts food waste.  That said, I haven’t tried it — so share your thoughts with us if you do.  Here’s their FAQ.

As posted last month, I a not a fan of Mitch McConnell.

Mike Martin:  “You write as if McConnell is just another elected official with a different point of view. He IS NOT just an elected official, he is an installed Russian agent funded in a corrupt system that has no allegiance to an elected constituency. Your version of facts reads like a Disney fairy tale compared to the reality we are confronting in this situation.  See:  Sanctioned Russian Oligarch’s Company to Invest Millions in New Aluminum Plant in Mitch McConnell’s State.  And:  McConnell Received $3.5M In Campaign Donations From Russian Oligarch-Linked Firm.”

> I don’t know that he’s “an installed Russian agent”; but I do know that he’s done tremendous harm to our country over the years.




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