Well, I suppose it’s actually more like coloring your grey hair.

But it’s still way better because it saves so much water.

Lawn painting!

With 100% organic green paint!

(Even longer-term solutions can be found here: 24 Inspiring Lawn-Free Yards.)

Seriously: between not wasting 30% of the water-guzzling foods we grow (Friday’s post) . . . and not watering lawns (my neighbor has an astroturf croquet field; buy your astroturf lawn recycled) . . . we could really make a dent in this thing.  (And save all that mowing.)

Should water consumption — above basic per capita needs — be heavily taxed, with all that tax revenue going to reduce property taxes?  So the overall tax burden would be about the same, but shifted especially onto people who waste water, to give everyone an incentive not to?


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