You may recall my recent ingestion of creamed spinach “best bought by” October 27, 2007.   When it comes to wasting not in order to want not (and live light on the land) I defer to no one.

It makes me crazy when friends use too much coffee (a couple of teaspoonsful per mug, boys!) to make too much coffee that they then eventually pour down the drain.  And the cans of beer sipped once and then abandoned?

Paper towels aren’t food, but they come from trees.  Why use them?  I am still using Costco rags I bought 20 years ago.  Etc., etc.  Aluminum foil?  Are you crazy?  If you top the bowl of leftovers with aluminum foil, you are destroying the planet — and can’t even see what’s inside the bowl!  I use the plastic bags my shirts come in from the cleaner.

Also, as I’ve told you repeatedly, I don’t eat a whole lot.  Saves time, saves money, makes what you do eat taste better, lengthens your life, and saves the planet.  (A lot of water and oil and coal and pesticide and packaging go into getting that slice of pizza into your stomach; more still if it’s pepperoni.)

But as brightly as I try to make the case against waste, I am but a candle to John Oliver’s klieg light.




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