But first, your weekend entertainment:

Also: In case yesterday’s “Truth About Obamacare” was too long, here it is in a tweet: The “25% Obamacare rate hike” Trump is alarming everyone about will actually bite just one-half of one percent of us. And while there are major things to be fixed and improved, Hillary’s the one to fix and improve them, not Trump.

Donald Trump is the wrong answer to the right question.  Tens of millions of us are right to be deeply frustrated and angry.  But it’s not “the government” that should be blamed, it’s the Republicans who’ve determinedly prevented it from solving our problems.

You want change?  You want to break the gridlock?  Just give us two years.  Two years of a Democratic Congress and we’ll put Americans to work revitalizing our infrastructure – the Republicans blocked that.  We’ll boost the economy and cut government subsidies by hiking the minimum wage – the Republicans blocked that.  We’ll let you refinance your federal student loans at today’s low rates – the Republicans blocked that.   We’ll enact the comprehensive immigration reform Marco Rubio crafted that passed the Senate 68-32 and that economists say would boost the economy – the Republicans blocked that.  Just give us two years to get America really rocking!

Just give us two years.

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